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National Level Bikini Competitor, Karen Pang, Talks With

Karen Pang Interview

Karen Pang is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, SAN Spokesmodel, stage presentation and posing coach as well as a top 3 National Level Bikini Competitor. Check out what she does to maintain her top level physique and how she began.. […]

Bikini Competitor And Fitness Model, Rita Catolino, Talks With

Rita Catolino Interview

Rita Catolino is a professional fitness model, certified personal trainer, and Ontario Physique Association Bikini Competitor. Continue reading to see how she has achieved and maintains one of the top level of women’s physiques. How did you get started in […]

Fitness Model And Trainer, Dave Dreas, Talks With

Dave Dreas Interview

Dave Dreas is a certified fitness trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, TRX certified, national published fitness model & columnist, spokesmodel and entrepreneur. Continue reading to see how Dave maintains his top level physique. How did you get started in fitness and […]

NPC Figure Competitor, Denise Bardzik, Talks With

Denise Bardzik Interview

Denise Bardzik works for the Phoenix Police Dept. as a dispatcher and is also a life coach and a NPC figure competitor. How did you get started in health and fitness? I have always loved working out and lifting weights […]

Fitness Model, Brooke Halyn, Talks With

Brooke Halyn Interview

Brooke Halyn has been a fitness instructor since 1999 (Spinning, Yoga, Power Pump (Endurance Weight Training), Kickboxing, Pilates) and holds a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. How did you get started in fitness & training? I have always been […]

Sports Nutritionist And Certified Personal Trainer, Natalie Jill, Talks With

Natalie Jill Interview

Natalie Jill is a Licensed Sports Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer along with being a fitness personality and published in many print magazines such as Oxygen, Muscle Mag, Muscle And Performance Magazine and many more. Continue reading to see what […]

International Fitness Model, Kelsey Byers, Talks With

Kelsey Byers Interview

Kelsey Byers is an International Fitness Model, Labrada Nutrition Athlete, NPC Bikini Competitor and ā€œI DECIDEā€ athlete. Continue reading to see how she maintains her top level physique. How did you get started in fitness and training? I lifted weights […]

WBFF Pro Bikini Model, Claire Rae, Talks With

Claire Rae Interview

Claire Rae is a WBFF Pro Bikini Model and a Trainer that is dedicated to helping others reach their goals. She has a real life concept on staying fit and making your goals attainable and life long. If you are […]

Fitness Model And Writer, Kristine Fretwell, Talks With

Kristine Fretwell Interview

Kristine Fretwell is an e-book author, health and fitness blogger for Huffington Post, contributor to,,, Oxygen Magazine and local news websites. Kristine is also an partner and hosts a web TV show and website called […]