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Certified Trainer And Nutritionist, Karen McCoy, Talks With

Karen McCoy Interview

Karen McCoy is a BCRPA Certified Trainer and Certified Sports Nutritionist. She has competed 4 times in her 30’s with 3 first place finishes, 2 best overalls and Best Lightweight and Overall Provincial Bodybuilding Champ, in Alberta Canada. Continue reading […]

International Fitness Model, Matus Valent, Speaks With

Matus Valent Interview

Matus Valent, born in Slovakia, currently living is Los Angeles is an international fitness cover model and holds a Master’s degree in Physical Education and Sports with Management. Find out what he does year round to maintain one of the […]

Fitness Model And Competitor, Ashley Horner, Talks With

Ashley Horner Interview

Ashley Horner is a Athlete, Fitness Model/Competitor/Writer and Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. Continue reading to see what Ashley does to maintain her top level physique. How did you get started in training? It really picked up for me the […]

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Mark Dugdale, Speaks With

Mark Dugdale Interview

Mark Dugdale is an IFBB Professional bodybuilder via an overall win at the 2004 USA Bodybuilding Championship. Check out what Mark has done with his 23+ years of knowledge to achieve the level of physique including nutrition, training, and supplement […]

IFBB Figure Pro, Kristal Richardson, Speaks With

Kristal Richardson Interview

Kristal Richardson is ACE and IFA certified in Sports Nutrition, an IFBB Firgure Pro and has competed in both the Arnold Classic (2008-2009) and Olympia (2009-2010). She is also a two-time Lauderdale Pro champion in 2009 and 2010. Continue reading […]

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Scotty Lindsey, Talks With

Scotty Lindsey Interview

Credibility is an issue for anyone in the media. There’s far more challenges in proving one’s worth and knowledge in a pool full of self-proclaimed experts, out-of-this-world talking heads and D-list celebrities. But there are those who stand out, not […]

Natural Bodybuilder, Brock Cunico, Speaks With

Brock Cunico Interview

Brock Cunico is an ABB / Optimum Nutrition sponsored athlete, NPTI Master Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Apex Fit Pro, Natural Bodybuilder and Professional fitness model. Find out what Brock does to maintain his top level physique. How did you get […]

Professional Fitness Model, Allison Moyer, Talks With

Allison Moyer Interview

Allison Moyer is a national NPC Figure Athlete, Professional Fitness Model, and a certified trainer & nutritionist. She runs her own online training and nutrition company, and is a featured author on How did you get started in […]

Ryan Hughes Interview

Ryan Hughes Interview

Ryan Hughes is one of the first two to be named as IFBB Men’s Physique Pro. Ryan is also one of New York City’s top trainers and owner of Continue reading to find out how Ryan began his fitness […]

Bree Lind Interview

Bree Lind Interview

Bree Lind is a WBFF Pro Fitness Model and Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer. Find out what she does to maintain her shape and how she’s gotten to this level in her career. How did you get started in […]