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Trainer And Fitness Model, Christopher Villa, Talks With

Christopher Villa Interview

Christopher Villa is an ISSA Certified Trainer, fitness model, sponsored athlete & national level physique competitor. Find out how he goes about diet, training and supplementation to maintain his physique and the road he took to achieve his level of […]

Fitness Model, Tiffany Upshaw, Talks With

Tiffany Upshaw Interview

Tiffany Upshaw is an Optimum Nutrition & ABB endorsed athlete/fitness model and future bikini pro. Learn how she came to her current fitness success and how she goes about training and nutrition. How long have you been training? I’ve been […]

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Michelle Parish, Talks With

Michelle Parish Interview

Michelle is a NASM certified personal trainer, 2 time FAP regional 2nd place champion in fitness, and a staff writer for & in the UK. How long have you been training? I believe it’s been 3 years now! […]

Jamie Alderton

Jamie Alderton Interview

Jamie Alderton is a 2010 Musclemania British Novice Champion and a Team Grenade Sponsored Athlete. How long have you been training / bodybuilding? I have been training since I was a teenage but have been Bodybuilding since Jan 2010 What […]

Jacqueline Zediker Interview

Jacqueline Zediker is a WNBF Professional Figure Competitor and an Optimum Nutrition sponsored athlete. She has overcome many obsticles such as childhood anorexia to achieve her current physique and fitness level. Check out her story on how she became the athlete that she is today and what it takes to have a pro level physique.

Melih Cologlu

Melih Cologlu Interview

Melih Cologlu is the 2011 NPC Eastern USA Men’s Physique Winner and Grenade Sponsored Athlete, Monsta Clothing Co. Sponsored Athlete, Adept Fitness Model, Athlete, NESTA Advanced Personal Trainer & Online Competition Coach. Check out this article to see Melih’s training methods and advice to getting ripped!


Alex Carneiro Interview

Alex Carneiro is a 23 year old IFBB Pro Physique Athlete, Pro-Fitness model and ACM certified Personal Trainer. In this article, Alex discusses what he does to achieve his top level physique as well as his Training advice, Workout routine, Diet & Nutrition tips, Supplement advice & recommendations, more photos, and a video showcase.


Tiffany Oertel Interview

Tiffany Oertel is a NPC Bikini Competitor, fitness and bikini model, and working on her first personal training certification. She has been training seriously since January of 2010. “That’s when I started to Prep for my first NPC show.” Read more of this article to find out what Tiffany does to keep in bikini shape!

Christina Rorick

Christina Adler Interview

Christina Adler is a mother of two and a NPC Competitor. She has been an athlete most of her life and has been lifting heavy weight for about 18 months now. She has three NPC shows on her schedule at the end of the summer with hopes to compete in Nationals later this year. Check out more for her routine and diet that gets her into contest shape!

Daniel Duane Babcock

Dan Duane Babcock Interview

How long have you been training? I’ve been into the scene of bodybuilding since I was a kid in middle school; so a little over 5 years now and not looking back! What/Who got you motivated to start training? I […]