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Corynne Pero

Corynne Cooper Pero Interview

How long have you been training? I have been training as a bodybuilder for almost two years. I hired a trainer, Kevin Laird, in May 2009 and have been training and competing ever since. It was a difficult road in […]


Stale Selnes Bjorkestol, AKA “Plyoathlete” Interview

My name is Ståle Selnes Bjørkestøl and I’m from Oslo in Norway. I’ve also been living in the US for some time, but currently I’m working as a Personal Trainer in Norway. How long have you been weightlifting and bodybuilding? […]

Josef Rakich

Josef Rakich Interview

How long have you been bodybuilding? I started lifting weights at the age of 17 in 2008, but diddnt have a clue as to what i was doing for about the first 5-6 months. What got you motivated to start […]

Brendan Neva Interview

Brendan Neva is a 22 year old natural competitor, recently taking 2nd at his first show in the light weight division. He currently stands at 5’10” 185lbs at 10% body fat. He plans to continue competing after a long off […]

Aaron Orton Interview

Aaron Orton is a 25 year old US Marine 0311 Combat Vet, ISSA certified personal trainer, and natural bodybuilder. In this interview, he will discuss his training methods and how he has made it to contest shape. His current body […]

Evan Horn Interview

24 Year Old Fitness Freak, Evan, is currently in contest preparation for his first show, with five years of solid training under his belt he plans to storm into the fitness industry. In this article, we will take an in-depth […]