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Tasha Wall Interview

Tasha Wall is a personal trainer, lifestyle coach and fitness model. Check out her amazing transformation and how she got started in this exclusive interview.


Tasha Wall

How did you get started in fitness and training?

I had a time in my life where I was extremely unhappy with myself and the way I looked. I struggled with body image and food for years. I hired a personal trainer who taught me how to eat clean and exercise which changed my life more than I could ever explain. After I achieved my own weight loss goal, I decided to become a personal trainer so that I could help people to love themselves inside and out. I don’t want anyone to feel how I did and I want to show them how much better life can be.

What are your short and long term fitness goals?

Short term I would like to work on firming my lower abs and thighs a little more and long term I would really like to inspire people and share my story to the world. I want to grace the covers of magazines and show people what you can be capable of if you set your mind to something.

What workout routine has worked best for you?

I lift weights 5x a week, usually 2-3 muscle groups per day + 45 mins of cardio. I make sure to hit the more stubborn areas like legs and abs at least 2x per week and change my weight exercises weekly to keep my body guessing.

Tasha Wall

What is your favorite form of cardio for cutting body fat?

If I’m prepping for a photoshoot or anything involving a bikini, I do 25 mins of 30 sec sprint and then 30 sec rest intervals within specific heart rate zones. Then I finish off with 25 mins of steady pace cardio.

Could you outline your basic daily diet?

I eat 6 meals per day with a combination of lean protein complex carbs and healthy fats. My favorites are cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, oats, quinoa, brown rice, chickpeas, fruit, almond butter and all lean meats.

How do you deal with cravings for junk food, sweets and salty foods?

If I crave something, I just eat it but have only a couple bites. When you have a perfectly balanced diet with all food groups, you don’t get a lot of cravings. I do have a sweet tooth though so I make sure that I always have at least one piece of fruit per day which usually does the trick.

Tasha Wall

What are your favorite pre and post workout meals?

Pre workout is always my breakfast which is oatmeal and cottage cheese, and post is usually a piece of fruit and plain 0% greek yogurt flavored with cinnamon. Most people have a shake after but I personally don’t feel satisfied after a shake as much as actual food, but I do have them once in a while

What supplements do you take (if any) and recommend to others?

All I take is a good multivitamin, vitamin C and omega 3-6-9

Tasha Wall

What has the biggest impact on muscle growth and recovery?

I feel the biggest impact on muscle growth and just overall results is finding a balance of exercise and what works for you personally as far as nutrition goes. Working in foods you like so you don’t get bored and incorporating healthy versions of comfort food when need be. It works much better in the long run for staying consistent even if it takes a bit longer.

What is your favorite motivating quote?

Everything you ever wanted is right at your fingertips. You just have to make the decision to grab it because no one will put it in your hand. – Tasha Wall

What newbie mistakes did you make when you first started training?

Over training and not realizing that it’s better to workout smarter rather than harder.

Tasha Wall

Any last advice for beginners or anyone looking to get into fitness?

Get advise and knowledge from a fitness professional on how to do it properly so you can keep it off. Don’t give into any kind of fad diet that cuts out one specific food group. Break your goals down into monthly, weekly and even daily targets so you don’t get overwhelmed.

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