Sledgehammer Goal Management

Sledgehammer Goal Management

It is this sledgehammer attitude that will not only knock the doors down between you and your goals but influence others to do the same so get up, grab your sledgehammer and let’s beat some damn doors down!


When you think of a goal and establish it, what is it that you think of first? Is it the excitement of getting to the finish line and reaping the joy of telling your supporters “I did it!” and your haters “I did it, kiss my a$s!” or is it the scary, negative “what if” statements that can tend to ruin ANY goal before it ever begins?

Not that you should EVER care what others think about you anyway but if it is the latter that hits your mind first then why is that? Is it because you are already second guessing yourself? Is it because you are just “being cautious” or “being realistic” about your goal to prevent disappointment? The primary thing I want you to take from this article is this: If you create a goal and BELIEVE it, then you can ACHIEVE it! If you are second guessing yourself at the beginning of a goal then this is going to be a long ride and for those of you who are too “realistic” to try ANYTHING in life; get over it, the world can suck in many ways but YOU don’t have to.

I want you all to create yourself, the best YOU that you can be and attack the world with your bare hands until you get out of it what you want. It is this sledgehammer attitude that will not only knock the doors down between you and your goals but influence others to do the same so get up, grab your sledgehammer and let’s beat some damn doors down!

Step 1: Set Your Goals

The first step in achieving your goals is obviously to set whatever goal that may be into place. Now I’m not here to tell you what goal to pick, mainly because I do not know you and therefore would have no idea what goal to choose for you. What I AM here to do is to make sure that you pick a wise goal based on YOUR passion and YOUR capabilities.

For instance, if you are a powerlifter then I would not recommend that you set out to run a marathon by the end of this calendar year, and no marathoners should be visiting Westside Barbell or EliteFTS anytime soon either! When you choose this goal, please do not make it one that you are going to absolutely HATE the entire journey because the odds of you completing that journey are next to none.

On the other hand, if you enjoy lifting heavy weight and have never done anything with it but show your friends and tell your mom your max lifts, then you may want to look at competing in a powerlifting meet. Besides, your friends all think you’re an ass and your mom doesn’t give a damn anyway, get over yourself. The main focus when choosing a goal is to make certain that you enjoy or are interested in the primary components of it (lifting, running, etc.) enough to endure a journey of both struggles AND successes on your way to the finish line.

Step 2: Plan and Prepare

The second step is to PLAN and PREPARE (I use bold for these so it’s easier to paste them into Google, since meatheads tend to not know the meaning of these words). I want you to view your goal as a picture, more specifically a “connect the dots” picture. Each step that you take in the direction of your goal is another dot that you connect in order to make that picture not just more visible to yourself but to others as well.

When people used to tell me to “Look at the big picture”, when I was younger I would always think “Shut the hell up.” since I was a stubborn teen but now I think of literally a BIG picture comprised of dots and mini goals to be connected. This really helps you not just visualize your goal as a whole but how significant each mini goal can be when it comes to getting you all the way to the finish line.

Step 3: Use Others

The third step in this process is to use others. Now by this I do not mean ask people for money or bug the hell out of them with “Do I look any different?” or “Do you think I’m doing good?” kind of questions besides, if you have to ask then you are not doing well enough anyway.

What I mean is that you should, whenever possible, do these two things:
1) Use your supporters or fans as gasoline to start the fire that is your goal
2) Use your haters as paper to keep it burning, toasting their asses up in the process.

This can be the most important component of your goal because these are the things that will serve to keep you going! It is fairly easy to establish a goal or an idea but it can be very difficult, and quite a fight to keep momentum going in your favor. You really begin to see and understand who your TRUE supporters are when you set out to do something of significance especially when it is to help and influence others, which I feel like we should all be doing anyway on a daily basis.

If people see that what you are doing is not only helping others but that you are doing it with everything you have then I can promise you that you will have no trouble finding support along the way. In the experience that I have striving for goals, (both short and long term) it is not only more enjoyable but seems to run smoother when you do it with others in mind, just saying.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that in reading these steps you got a better idea of not only how to design a goal but to execute it as well. These steps are necessary if you are serious about getting to where you want to be in the most efficient, enjoyable and influential way possible. People think up goals every day but without the proper preparation, motivation and execution the majority of these goals will never happen.

My closing advice is to make CERTAIN that no matter the goal you may create, you want to always think of others, keep your supporters close and your haters close enough to see you succeed and always attack the goal with full intention of knocking EVERY door down in your way! It is that sledgehammer attitude that will unlock your strengths, lock down your weaknesses and make you stronger than yesterday. With that being said, get out there, get going and go get your goals because if you don’t, someone else surely will.

Jay Johnson is a CSCS certified personal trainer and owner of Muscle Lab Performance in Charlotte, N.C. For information on training rates and more visit or contact Jay directly at [email protected]

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