How to Increase Your Appetite

How to Increase Your Appetite

To build muscle, you need to EAT. If you struggle with taking in enough calories, check out these tips that will help to increase your appetite.

How to Increase Your AppetiteAs a painfully skinny kid I was obsessed with trying to learn about how to increase your appetite. Eating enough clean, healthy calories to get big is brutally hard work and takes incredible dedication. If it were easy you would see tons of lean, muscular 250lb guys walking around everywhere you went.

The fact of the matter is it sometimes sucks. You have to force yourself to do it and even base your entire days schedule around eating. You have to spend a lot of time in the grocery store and a lot of time in the kitchen preparing your meals. You have to plan them out for the day and for the week, sometimes. Make no mistake, eating the amount of food required to get up to a lean 220-240 pounds requires an inhuman amount of dedication and is brutally hard work.

Lots of fat girls and other lazy degenerates like to say, “Oh man, I wish I had your problems. I would kill to eat 6,000 calories a day and 800 grams of carbs.”

Oh yeah, I got a thousand bucks cash that says you couldn’t possibly eat 500 grams of clean carbs for a week straight, you weak minded punk.

Many people will start a muscle building program and get decent results at the beginning no matter what they eat. In fact, with the right program, they can get great results. But eventually it will come down to what they put in their mouths. When you want to go beyond that first ten or fifteen pounds, you will have to buckle down at the dinner table. You will have to do all you can to learn about how to increase your appetite. And no matter what, you can’t make excuses because when you want something bad enough there are none; only ways around perceived obstacles.

The first thing you need to do is simply get used to eating more food, more often. It’s as easy as that. Your stomach will expand, your metabolism will rev up and you will get used to eating the amount of food needed to get huge. Start slowly and add a hundred calories here and there throughout the day. Also, try to eat foods that don’t cause too much gas or bloating and that don’t take too long to digest. So that means that you would limit your vegetable and fruit consumption for a short bulking up period. These foods tend to fill you up without providing a ton of calories. This makes them great for getting lean but no as good for slapping on 30 pounds of mass in 12 weeks. So for a short period, cut down on the fruits and veggies.

Always keep some raw, organic nuts around and eat them whenever you get hungry. Nuts are a very nutrient dense food and you can get quite a few calories in a just a couple of handfuls. Also, get some organic coconut milk from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and use it in your weight gain or protein shakes. Coconut is loaded with healthy saturated fat and packed with calories.

Olive oil is another great weight gain food that can easily add an extra 1000 calories or more to your diet every day without you even knowing it. Just simply take a tablespoon or two with every meal.

As far as carbs go, you can’t beat white rice. Three times per day you should mix white rice with beans, chicken, fish or beef. White rice digests easily and rapidly and leaves you hungry an hour or so later. Which is exactly what you want. The question of how to increase your appetite could simply be answered with “white rice;” it’s that effective for gaining muscle mass.

If you are really trying to stay lean or have trouble staying lean when bulking, you need to keep your fat intake lower on high carb days and cycle in two or three lower carb days per week.

For skinny guys in their early 20’s or anyone with a fast metabolism who stays naturally lean and is just trying to build muscle as fast as possible, my advice would be to eat high carbs, moderate protein, and high fat every day.

Now you know how to increase your appetite. Stay dedicated and keep pushing. I wish there was some easier way, but there isn’t. I have choked down more meals than I possibly care to remember in order to force me to go from 147 to 231. No excuses. Just do it.

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  • MAK

    I have read a nutrition article about increasing your appetite with MSG or what is most known as ACCENT. I have used this with great success , If you try adding this to your food’s you will become an eating machine , guaranteed. Also, if you are eating a lot of meat try Betaine HCI or ” Digestive Enzymes ” your stomach will digest any meal in twenty minutes. This is very important because you have to start your next meal . One last tip is to take some kind of simple fiber just to make your day easier. If you still need more results eat two breakfasts with the first one starting early at 4:30 am or 5 am ..