Raise Testosterone

How To Raise Testosterone

Looking to build muscle faster? If so, then you might want to focus on what you can do to increase the most anabolic hormone in the body – testosterone.


Rather than putting all the focus on what you are doing in the gym, you might want to put more focus on what you can do to increase the most anabolic hormone in the body – testosterone.

Those who are able to increase this hormone will not only see increased gains in muscle strength, but also be more likely to grow stronger faster, maintain a leaner body composition, have better sexual performance, and feel more energized overall.

Low testosterone levels are correlated with a number of unwanted side effects, so it’s really in your best interest to do whatever you can to elevate this.

And you do have control. Many men are left feeling like as this hormone declines with age, there’s not much they can do about it but sit back and watch their hard effort go out the window as they begin losing lean muscle tissue.
This isn’t the case at all. If you use some wise strategies to take control, you can make sure that you are able to move forward and get the results you deserve.

Let’s look at what you should be doing.

Diet Wisely

The first must-do tip if you want to boost your testosterone levels is to make sure that you are taking steps to shed excess body fat. But, as you do so, you need to be smart.

Very low calorie diets can crush testosterone production faster than anything else, so a moderate approach should always be used. Slow and steady wins this race – as long as you’re losing, you’re moving forward.

Additionally, note that weight loss should not be taken too far. While being of a healthy weight is good, being overly lean is not, as was noted in a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that noted wresters who lost significant weight for their in-season fights reported lower than normal testosterone levels.
If you get too lean, this can adversely influence your testosterone production.

Sprint Train

While common advice is to make sure you are strength training if your primary goal is to boost your testosterone levels and this advice still definitely holds true, you might also want to consider adding some sprint training to the mix as well.

It’s the intense exercise that you’re really looking for to boost your testosterone levels. While weight training, when done intensely will provide similar effects, sprint training for cardiovascular health is also wise.

Some people are still hooked on long, steady state cardio sessions and these will decrease testosterone more than anything.

You’ll not only get a superior testosterone boost from sprint training, but you’ll also see increased levels of fat loss as well.

Case in point: the marathon versus sprinter debate. It should be quite clear from looking at these two athletes who possess the most testosterone.

Use a Testosterone Booster

With the wide array of products out there that you can use to boost your testosterone levels, you need to choose wisely.

TestoFuelA safe testosterone booster such as TestoFuel is one of the best routes to take because it uses a combination of herbal ingredients along with natural vitamins and minerals to help stimulate a greater testosterone production by your own body.

Some of the important ingredients to look for include zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6, which form the ZMA combination that proves highly beneficial for those seeking testosterone increase, as well as vitamin D, D-Aspartic Acid, oyster extract, ginseng and Fenugreek.

All of these have been well proven to help assist with increasing levels back up to a higher level.
Best of all, a quality testosterone booster such as TestoFuel will also be side-effect free so you can feel confident about using it in your plan.

To learn more about TestoFuel, click here: Best Muscle Building Supplements

Use a Slower Tempo Pattern

When it comes to your weight lifting workouts, as we noted above, lifting intensely is key. Most men take this to automatically mean lifting more weight.

But, in some cases, adding more weight to the bar just isn’t possible. In those times, consider slowing down the tempo pattern.

Taking longer to move the weight up and down can also help to increase testosterone production because you’ll have more total time under tension.

You don’t want to go so slow you lose proper form, but if you usually use a tempo pattern of around 2:0:2, you may want to slow this down to around 3:1:3.

This refers to how much time it takes you to lift the weight through the first phase of the exercise, how long you pause at the top (or bottom) of the movement, and how long it takes you to lower the weight back down.

Remove All Added Sugar From Your Diet

You’ve already heard that sugar is going to do nothing favorable for your body composition. But, what about your testosterone levels?

If you want to maintain as high of testosterone levels as possible, it’s time to give sugar the boot from your diet. If not for body weight, for muscle building.

One study published by the Endocrine Society illustrated that having sugar present in your bloodstream can decrease your testosterone levels by as much as 25%, causing a serious impact on your progress.

As you go about checking your diet for sugar content, make sure you are paying attention to the hidden sources of sugar such as in condiments, sauces, beverages, dairy products, and energy drinks.

Many men consume far more sugar than they realize and only when they really start to add it all up will it become apart just how much this may be impacting them.

Sleep Smart

The next of the testosterone boosting tips to note is to make sure you are getting your 7-9 hours of shut-eye each night – and making it high quality.

Focus on what you can do to improve sleep quality, not just get enough of it. This includes turning off all electronic devices, making your room temperature as low as comfortable, and avoiding doing anything in bed other than sleep and sexual activity.

One study published by the University of Chicago noted that skipping sleep and only getting around 5 hours per night can reduce your testosterone levels as much as aging 10-15 years. If you are 30 and don’t want the testosterone levels of a 45 year old, you must make sleep a top priority.

Increase Your Mono-Unsaturated Fat Intake

Making sure you are eating enough dietary fat each day is also critical for increasing your testosterone production. We mentioned earlier how critical reducing your sugar intake is, so with this reduction, you should counterbalance your calories removed with some extra dietary fat.

Dietary fat should make up at least 30% of your total daily diet plan, with some men finding success at even higher levels (remember as fat goes up, carbohydrates typically go down).

You want to focus on both unsaturated as well as saturated fats for full effects. Don’t avoid saturated fat entirely – it’s a necessary ingredient for proper testosterone formation in the body.

Excellent choices of foods to help meet your intake goals include olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, nuts and nut butter, grass fed red meat, fatty fish, and avocado’s.

Since fat is more calorie dense, this can also help you get in the necessary calorie support required for muscle mass building.

Add a BCAA Supplement

Finally, the last way that you can strive to boost your natural testosterone production is through supplementation with a branched chain amino acid, or more specifically, with Leucine.

Leucine can serve as a powerful anabolic agent in the body when it isn’t being used for its normal tissue repair/rebuilding functions. It activates a certain anabolic pathway in the body called mTOR 5-7, which then goes on to increase the rate of protein synthesis taking place. The faster protein synthesis occurs, the faster muscle building will take place.

One study published in the Sports Medicine journal also noted that leucine supplementation may help increase the rate of body fat burning while also increasing physical performance as well, making that another reason to consider supplementing with BCAA’s.

So there you have some of the top methods that you can use to naturally increase your own testosterone production and see faster and more effective muscle building taking place.

The more of these strategies you can get into your own program, the faster your chances of success will be.

Remember that everything you do on a day to day basis will influence your testosterone levels, so take all your lifestyle elements into account and put changes in place for the better.


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