5 Training Tips From Arnold

5 Training Tips From Arnold

Stop overcomplicating your workout routines. Here are 5 tried and true exercises that Arnold used to build himself into “The Oak”.


1. Front Squat

While this exercise is a bit tricky to master, Arnold knew that all variations of the squat were useful to master because each worked the leg musculature slightly differently, and he could optimize overall muscle mass by including each in his workout at some point. With the front squat, the center of gravity is forward and the muscular tension falls more directly on the quadriceps.

Though shown here with a board under his heels, which Arnold felt helped improve his balance, this move can also be done on a flat floor. Hold the barbell in place across your front delts by elevating your arms, forming a “shelf” from which the bar be secured. Cross your arms and grasp the bar with your hands to control it. Maintaining a flat back and looking forward – not up – descend into a deep knee bend. Without bouncing out of the bottom position, explode upward and press your hips forward to full knee and hip extension. Practice it with light weight first to get the hang of doing it correctly before moving on to more challenging weights.

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