7 Tips For Explosive Arms

7 Tips For Explosive Arms

Looking to build lean muscle mass to your arms? Put a few of these tips to work now and get ready to stretch some shirtsleeves in a few months!



For those who tend to really like training, the most common mistake made when it comes to training arms is to do too much overall arm work.

Keep in mind that every time you do a back exercise which involves elbow flexion, you’re also using your biceps. Even though your back training isn’t “overloading” your biceps, the overall stress is still somewhat cumulative, adding up over time.

Even more important is to consider the amount of work done by your triceps during chest and shoulder pushing exercises. Whether it’s a standard bench press, an incline dumbbell press, a standing barbell press, or a basic push-up, pressing movements do place a good deal of stress on the triceps.

In an effort to get bigger arms, many people understandably add sets of bicep and tricep work to their training program, but the problem may not be lack of stimulation. The problem could be that the overall stress placed on the biceps and triceps throughout the week is more than they can adequately recover from. And if you don’t recover, you don’t grow.

So if you find that your arms aren’t growing, take a look at the overall volume of chest, shoulder, and back work that you’re doing from week to week. If your volume of training from the push/pull body parts is pretty high, then your lack of arm growth may very well stem from overtraining.

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