7 Tips For Explosive Arms

7 Tips For Explosive Arms

Looking to build lean muscle mass to your arms? Put a few of these tips to work now and get ready to stretch some shirtsleeves in a few months!



Although many gung-ho trainees don’t make progress in arm size due to the fact that they’re overtraining, many people fall on the other end of the spectrum and could use more direct arm work… especially more frequent arm work.

To make this strategy work, however, you have to make sure that you’re starting from a fully recuperated state. If you need to take a full week off from training, or a month off of direct arm training, go ahead and do so before ramping up your arm training volume and frequency.

In general, I find that biceps and triceps each grow well with, and can recuperate from, approximately 9-12 working sets per week. But instead of doing all these sets in one workout, you can really jumpstart your arm growth by dividing your training volume over the course of three weekly arm workouts.

After about four weeks of doing this, add a little more volume (a work set or two per week) if you’re still recuperating and progressing well. Do the same in two more weeks if applicable, after which it will be time for some much-needed recuperation.


ABarbell Curl55
BSkull Crusher47
AIncline Dumbbell Curl48-12
BUnilateral Overhead Dumbbell Extension48-12
APreacher Curl212-15
BV-Bar Pushdown312-15

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