7 Tips For Explosive Arms

7 Tips For Explosive Arms

Looking to build lean muscle mass to your arms? Put a few of these tips to work now and get ready to stretch some shirtsleeves in a few months!



In literal terms, getting leaner isn’t really a tip for making your arms bigger. On second thought, getting leaner does generally improve insulin sensitivity, which makes it easier to get growth-producing nutrients inside the muscle cells… but I digress.

Stripping a layer of fat off your arms is the best thing you can possibly do to make your arms look bigger!

Who cares what your arms actually measure? That only matters when monitoring your progress so you can see what’s working and what’s not. What we care about is what our arms look like. And getting leaner makes our arms look both bigger and better!

Every single time I’ve begun dieting down for a contest someone says, “Man, you’re arms are looking huge! How much weight have you gained?”

When I tell them I’ve actually lost 10 pounds they don’t believe me, because they can see with their own eyes how much “bigger” my arms are. But what they actually see is arms that look bigger because they’re no longer covered up by a thick layer of fat.

Just like you can make two mountains look bigger by digging out the valley in between them, you can make your biceps, triceps, and shoulders look bigger by getting rid of the fat between them.

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