7 Tips For Explosive Arms

7 Tips For Explosive Arms

Looking to build lean muscle mass to your arms? Put a few of these tips to work now and get ready to stretch some shirtsleeves in a few months!



Initially, I’d suspect that pairing triceps with chest and/or shoulders while training biceps after back would probably be best since it allows for more rest and recovery days for the biceps and triceps. While this certainly works, it’s not the best approach. Nor is training biceps after chest and triceps after shoulders.

Time and time again, the best arm-building results come from training biceps and triceps on the same day, and on a day of their own.

Obviously training arms (or any body part) when you’re fresh and chockfull of ATP and glycogen has advantages over training them when you’re exhausted from training another body part, but the benefits seem to go beyond simply lack of fatigue.

The superiority of arm growth from having an arm day is so obvious that I couldn’t help but put on my thinking cap to come up with an explanation. I suspect that training biceps and triceps (and subsequently the large brachialis) in the same session places significantly more outward, and thus expansive, force on the surrounding fascia than training each separately.

Done repeatedly over time, this would promote growth and expansion of the dense fascia encompassing your upper arm, especially if you thoroughly stretch your arms while they’re still pumped.

Whether due to fascial expansion, better energy, or a combination thereof, training triceps, biceps, and their friend the brachialis all in the same session is a great strategy to get your arm hypertrophy moving in the right direction.

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