Increase Your Bench Press

3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Bench Press

Nearly every man (and some women) who goes to the gym wants a bigger bench press. Try these 3 simple tips to increase your bench press.


One of the first questions I get asked by gym goers is “So what do ya bench brah?”, this was not a question I liked to answer as my reply would usually be “not a lot bro :(”.

Ever since then, I’ve looked into different ways on how to improve my bench press. After trying a number of different methods, I’ve decided to share 3 methods that have worked for me, and could work for you on increasing your bench press.

1) Technique is king!

Even after training for many years, you’ll be surprised at the mistakes you make performing an exercise. I’ve been lifting for many years, and from time to time even I don’t use the best technique possible. This is usually because I’m tired or just not focused enough.

Anyway, try these 3 little tips to your improve technique and see if they can increase your bench press.

  • Hold the bar tight – aim to grab the bar with a vice like grip, hold it as hard as you possibly can, almost as if you’re trying to crush it. This will help bring the power of your triceps into the lift.
  • Press horizontally – ensure you’re lifting the bar in a straight line, don’t angle it to your face or stomach, and keep it above your elbows. We’re looking for an up and down motion, much like an elevator moving in a fixed line.
  • Elbows tucked – remember to always tuck in your elbows, this can help you push the bar in a straight line, and brings the lats more into the lift.

2) Eat, eat, and eat some more

It’s quite simple, to move weight you need energy, and humans get energy through food. Eat enough protein, carbohydrates, and fats in relation to your bodyweight. This will not only increase your bench press, but all other lifts, and help maximize your gains!

3) Through the nose and out the mouth

Having the correct breathing technique during your lift can potentially increase your bench press. During the eccentric part of the lift, you should inhale through the nose, and during the concentric phase, out through your mouth. This helps you keep a solid rhythm when pressing, allowing you to improve your bench press.

Tip – when practicing your breathing, start on a lighter weight to begin with until you get the hang of it. Studies have shown that holding your breath can induce dizziness and cause people to faint if they have high blood pressure. But hey, if lifting was easy, everyone would be doing it!

These are just three methods that have worked for me in increasing my bench press. I know using tailored made bench press programs is another great way to improve your bench press.

So try these methods and leave a comment below letting us know what works for you.

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