8 Critical Exercises To Pack On Muscle

8 Critical Exercises To Pack On Muscle

Whether you’re a gym veteran or a new recruit, here are the eight most critical mass-building exercises to pack on muscle.


TRICEPS: Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension

When it comes to packing mass on to the back of your arms, few exercises can compete with the overhead extension. The bulky, meaty part of the arm (also called the long head) is highly recruited during those moves where your arms are angled toward the ceiling. And this popular isolation move will cause havoc to your triceps in no time. For best results, try keeping your elbows pointed forward. This will not only help you target the muscle, but it’s safer on the elbow and shoulder joints.

Inside the Lift

While you’re most certainly able to do this exercise using one arm at a time and with your opposite arm spotting yourself, the two-hand version is your best bet for mass. The tough part can sometimes be getting the dumbbell into place, especially if you’re working alone. With both hands on the handle of the dumbbell, use one leg to kick the weight up to one shoulder. From there, place your hands cupping the inner portion of the dumbbell and move it into position. At the end of the set, simply rotate it back to that shoulder and down to the knee.

Best Technique to Add Intensity

Because the exercise can get tricky when you’re approaching failure, the best choice for an intensity technique is one that requires a partner. Forced reps tops the list of tactics to help you pack on size. Have a training partner assist you with reps at the end of a set to help you work past the first point of failure. Your training partner should help lift the weight with only the force necessary for you to keep moving and get past the sticking point. He can also get the weight into and out of position as you start and end each set.

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