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Single Leg Exercises

5 Superior Single Leg Exercises

If you’re an athlete looking to improve performance or a bodybuilder hoping to build some huge wheels in a safer manner, unilateral training is the answer.

2 Weeks To Shredded

2 Weeks To Shredded

If you’re already relatively lean this plan will take you to the next level of definition and fullness. Follow this guide to get shredded fast!


Intensity Is Everything Part I

PART I How varying intensity techniques can lead to new muscle All my life I have always wanted a cool nickname. In high school I even went so far as to try to give myself the nickname C-Dub. This was […]


Mass and Power: 7 Tips For Success

Tip 1: Eat Like A Bear The only way you’re going to move up to the top of the food chain is to eat like the top dog. In other words, to gain muscle, you need to stay in a […]

Hamstring Training

Hamstring Training: Your Secret Weapon

If you go to any bodybuilding show you will probably see that nearly every competitor on stage has a great chest, arms, and, if they dieted correctly, abs. These are the muscles that most bodybuilders focus on and covet. As […]

Training with Tempo

Change the Tempo for Faster Gains!

There are many different ways to train. One great way to add variety to your training is to understand and use the concept of tempo.

Ripped Abs

3 Keys To Killer Abs!

If you’re struggling to get the lean, ripped abs that you see in the magazines, check out these three keys to killer abs!